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LeBLANC, Melissa

Published:Sep 14, 2018

Event Date:Sep 14, 2018


Melissa Lee LeBLANC

Melissa Lee LeBLANC 1982-1999 Destiny Our destiny lies Within the skies Yet you look for me To find the key All answers are within the skies We live our lives condemned by lies Moved to search for the key seeking our destiny We look to the skies to find divine serenity Do not search for me I do not hold the key Your destiny has been decided by the Lord But is diminished by an evil board In reality the key is not a key at all But a metaphor to explain a call The call is a yearning to seek out our destiny The wish to play along in perfect harmony Our opinion of our destiny is what shapes us The choices we make is what defines us If a person is disappointed with their life It is because they are looking at the "have" of another's life.


Category: In Memoriam

Newspaper(s): Hamilton Spectator

Location: Hamilton

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