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BINEAU, Jesse and Danielle

Published:Oct 09, 2011 / Event Date:Sep 23, 2011

Category:Weddings / Location:Hamilton


Hamilton Spectator: BABINEAU, Jesse and Danielle Ed and Cheryl Babineau are overjoyed to welcome the newest Mrs. Babineau to the family, as... more


Published:Jul 14, 2016 / Event Date:Jul 02, 2016

Category:Weddings / Location:Hamilton


The Sachem: MARRIAGES Congratulations! BAIN-CARTER Kevin and Donna Bain wish to announce the marriage of their son Andrew... more


Published:May 12, 2018 / Event Date:Apr 21, 2018

Category:Weddings / Location:Hamilton


Hamilton Spectator: MARRIAGES Congratulations Kathryn and Thomas The marriage of Kathryn (Katie) Catchpole and Thomas Barlow was held... more

Benedetti / Lukas

Published:Jul 25, 2019 / Event Date:Jul 13, 2019

Category:Weddings / Location:Hamilton


Ancaster News, Stoney Creek News, Dundas Star News, Hamilton Mountain News: MARRIAGES LUKAS-BENEDETTI Wedding in Ancaster July 13, 2019 On 13 July 2019, Larissa Benedetti and Michael... more