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80th Birthday - Fehrenbach

Published:Apr 22, 2012 / Event Date:Apr 07, 2012

Category:Announcements / Location:Hamilton


Waterloo Region Record: Bob Fehrenbach and his family would like to thank everyone for their best wishes, cards, gifts and most of all your... more


Published:Mar 09, 2013 / Event Date:Mar 09, 2013

Category:Announcements / Location:Hamilton


Hamilton Spectator: ALDGATE, Harry Thank you to my wonderful family and friends for attending my birthday party on March 2nd. Your kind wishes,... more

ANDERSON, Rev. Bill and Carol

Published:May 14, 2010 / Event Date:May 01, 2010

Category:Announcements / Location:Hamilton


Waterloo Region Record: THANK YOU Thank you for our retirement celebration. - Rev. Bill and Carol Anderson Thank you so much to all who worked... more


Published:Feb 12, 2012 / Event Date:Feb 11, 2011

Category:Announcements / Location:Hamilton


Hamilton Spectator: Alexander-Beal Lincoln and Marni would like to extend a sincere thank you to the many friends and family who helped make... more